Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Change of Pace...

It sure is nice building one of these boats with all the Pocketship blogs out in cyberland.  Before starting the build and waiting for the kit to arrive I read every one of them I could Google up.  Now every time I start a new step I hunt down the blogs again and check their posts to see how the other guys did the same step.  It is kind of like looking at some else's paper on a test.  There are such great ideas for things not covered in the manual from brands of paint, to building techniques, and electronics.  Yep, I am going to rip off a few answers and give credit along the way of course and hopefully throw a few things out there others can rip off from me.

Up to this point everything is mostly as the manual has instructed.  The guys on the forum did talk me into leaving the cleats off the bulkheads until after the epoxy and fiberglass is done in the hull for ease of sanding.  Thanks guys!  Done.

Another deviation from the manual was an idea of my own.  Bulkhead 2 is turned around in my Pocketship.  That way the large hole is on the left and the small hole is on the right.  I did this for several reasons.  The electronic equipment that is normally mounted over the small hole will be on the right where I think it would be more conveniently located, and as noted in a previous post, I am right handed.  Also, the veneer on the wood looked much better on the side that will be now facing the companionway instead of the locker in case I plan to leave the finish bright (natural).

Today I started the floorboards.  I just was too tired of sanding and figured I needed a change of pace.  It really is nice to getting back to something that is more like woodworking.  The first couple of boards are going in nicely and look great. After all the boards are fitted they will be numbered and taken out for finishing, then back to sanding the hull for it's finish.  Hopefully by left arm will recuperate when that time comes.

Floorboards mostly just laying on the bulkheads earlier today...

Another deviation from the manual is the use of a little Bondo you can see on bulkhead 4 (the spots where it looks like a seagull pooped) It is not structural, just to smooth up my bad fillet technique.  It really is easy to sand and hardens quickly.  There are a few more places I plan to apply it when the floorboards come out.   Once painted no one will ever know.

Even tho the bulkheads are under the floorboards and they won't be seen, I want a smooth finish for cleaning purposes. Well, that and I will know what is under there.

I am still having a blast building this boat.  I hope sailing it is as much fun!

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