Monday, June 30, 2014

Plenty to Do...

There are still 3 or 4 weeks until my kit arrives.  This will give the chance to focus on the organization and cleaning of the and button up a couple of ongoing projects.  The cleaning and organization is a huge job.  I have been a bit messy and disorganized for too many years.  This should occupy 3 weeks nicely.

One important factor, well maybe the most important factors at this point is, "will the boat fit in my shop AND be able to be removed from the premises when completed?"

The answer to both of these is yes!  Not only yes but with a lot of room to spare after a bit of moving of machines and work benches.  The shop is air-conditioned and insulated.  It never has been cold enough in the winter to turn the heat on.   Epoxy will kick in the dead of winter in standard epoxy time without artificial heat.

Another task that I have found that can be a bit of a challenge is finding enough lead ballast for the keel and centerboard.  If I understand correctly from the bloggers (my manual is due in sometime this week) I need 150 pounds of lead.  So far I have found about 20 pounds laying around the shop.  Turns out car wheel weights are a popular source.  I just bought a set of Michelins, hope the guy remembers me.

If I run out of things to do in the wait for the kit I did see the dimensions on of the tiller.  I could laminate some wood and knock that out before the kit arrives...or build the cabinet my wife wants.

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