Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I Got a Date!

Chesapeake Light Craft has set a date for the PocketShip kit to be shipped!  The last week of July if all goes well,  the stack of timber and plywood will loaded on a truck and headed to Texas.

Today I continued with shop organization, bought new respirator filters for my mask and a couple of 8 foot long fold up tables.  The tables have plastic tops and with little wax they should be easy to remove epoxy drips.  An added bonus is that with the fourth of July near Sam's Club had the tables on sale.  WOO woo winner!

Tire weights have been a fruitless quest until I found a little independent shop that would part with them.  The guy I bought the Michelins from recently was too afraid of the EPA to give or sell me any.  Seems some where down the line people started chewing on the Pb and got sick so we all need to suffer...or something like that.

Running out of  preparation tasks, I will start with laminating some mahogany and maple to start on a tiller.  I found some dimensions on the internet to get started.  I'll leave it oversized because, well, you can't believe everything you read on the internet.  At least it will be a start.

Yesterday I received the manual from CLC.  I read the whole thing last night.  It's good reading, a real page turner!  Combine the manual with all the blogs PocketShip building blogs I have read I'm really getting a sense of what I have gotten myself into.  It looks fun.

The countdown to the end of this month begins.  Tonight I get to sail again at the Wednesday night races on the bay.  I will play photographer and ballast.

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