Saturday, July 5, 2014

I Started the Boat!

The kit will be shipped sometime in the late this month but that has not stopped me from starting without it.  I don't really count collecting lead wheel weights for the keel ballast as "starting to build the boat",  but today I actually did some woodwork.  On I found dimensions for the tiller.  I laminated some mahogany and maple 1/8" X  1 1/2" strips in an MDF mold alternating the wood colors for a snazzy tiller.  It is a bit oversized and will be cut down considerably.  The suggestion on the forum was for the tiller to be 3/4" in width but that seemed a bit on the narrow side to me.  Even the boat designer built a second one that was a bit beefier.

Checked the bend of the strips in a dry fit.

The picture shows a dry fit (no epoxy) to be sure the strips would not crack.  All went well and I proceeded with the epoxy.  It was a bit messy so I didn't get my phone out to take a picture, but you get the idea.

Evened out the sides on the jointer.

I used the jointer to even out the sides.  One of the sides was a bit out of square due to the sides not being parallel.  A quick run through the planer with the bad side up and all was right with the world.

Cut down on the bandsaw closer to finished dimensions.

Having nothing to size it off of, the end of the tiller that goes through the transom and connects to the rudder will be left uncut until I have it built.  I'll shape the handle end for something to do while I wait for the arrival of the kit.  For now I can walk around with my tiller and tell people, "look I started a boat!"


  1. I will be watching ! Would like to see some pictures of your shop.

  2. Thanks Mark! I'll do a "shop tour" post pretty soon. I have almost all (except for the jointer in the picture) vintage 30s-50s restored woodworking machines. Hope the post won't be too off topic for this blog...but it is the "PocketShip Yard" : )