Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Let the Epoxy Flow!

 It is hard to count laminating the wood for the tiller (or as I like to call it, my "yacht club") as the real start to the Pocketship.

Today was the first day of actual boat building since the kit came in.  Laid out the blocking of the centerboard trunk and glassed the sides of the trunk that will be facing each other.  I made sure that I glassed the inside faces on both sheets of plywood and not the same side on both pieces.  Too early to make mistakes like that.

I have read on blogs about centerboard problems and they sound like something I really don't want to contend with.  One of the potential problems can be a wood seal problem and water penetrating the wood at the centerboard or the trunk.  Either intrusion might lock up the centerboard.  To prevent this I have been very careful to get the glass to lay down on the wood surface tightly and "fill the weave" in the additional coats so that when the parts are sanded I don't get down to the cloth weave. We will see how it went in about a year.

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