Saturday, April 9, 2016

If Blogging was not Enough...

I have a pretty good background in photography that goes back to the days of film.  I know its hard to tell from these blog pictures that are all taken with my cell phone, but I really do. I promise.

With this background I have decided to get into video.  I figure the only thing really interesting enough to video and download to youtube would be something to do with my Pocketship.  There are really fun to watch videos on Youtube with beautiful young couples on 30 to forty foot yachts.  The obvious video project for me would  be documenting the Texas 200.  Kind of a grimy version of the same thing without the hot chicks.

 I figured that I really need practice shooting video and learning the editing program.  I have noticed on the videos of Pocketships on youtube have not shown any interior shots.  With the boat in the shop I figured that was a good place to start.  I shot some footage (do they still call it that?) and put together a little three minute video of a tour of Candy-O.

I'll keep shooting and editing some little projects until the Texas 200 starts in 65 days.  I figure that will be enough time to become the Ken Burns of sailing videos.

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