Saturday, April 9, 2016

Jury Duty Again!

Just before I started Candy-O I had jury duty.  I got in and out fairly quickly for Nueces County.  Then the Feds called me in for their version of jury duty.  That time I got picked and served on a jury for about a week.  I had a short mention of it interrupting my boat building progress in an earlier blog entry. I was called in again by the county but got out of it because I just served on the federal jury. About six weeks ago I got called in by the county again.  Yep, picked again and served 2 weeks on a jury for an attempted murder of two policemen plus a stolen vehicle and drug charge.  It was pretty high profile.  Lots of news media.  Well just as I get progress going on the boat getting ready for the Texas 200 again this year the municipal court sends me a jury summons.  I really hate to complain because I truly feel obligated and feel good about doing my civic duties, but come on!

For those of you scoring at home, that's five in the last year.

I get called in usually an average of once or twice a year and don't get picked.  I had a Cal Ripken like streak of not getting picked.  The streak went on for years and years.  Then there were the last two times...I am pretty sure I can get out of this latest one pretty quickly after serving so recently.  I go in Monday.

Don't the courts know I am working on a boat?!!

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