Monday, April 18, 2016

Another Project!

Another project.   Ok I'll admit I am delaying having to work on the trailer...I can't stand working on trailers, but this one is important.

I have found that anytime a passenger goes for a ride he or she always wants to sit or stand in the companionway.  They usually end up standing because sitting on the threshold of the companionway is not comfortable for very long (like about 30 seconds).  Many of the pocketship builders have built seats that ease the pain of the plywood edge.  

I wanted to make something small and easy to store, strong yet lightweight.  After a bit of head scratching I came up with some that seems like it is going to work.  I will be taking a passenger in the upcoming Texas 200 and it will get a good field test before I spend a lot of time on the paint and finish. Originally I had planed to put a couple of drink holders in the top, and still might do it, but I am up to six drink holders all ready.  You would think this is a Dodge Caravan.

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